Other Pest Programs

At SEMO, we offer tailored programs to address the specific types of pest problems you are experiencing.

Complete details of the programs listed below, including frequency of treatment, types of baits and baiting stations used, specific processes, areas of the home or business that are treated, customer actions that must be taken during treatment, and other specifics are available upon request.

Common Ant and Carpenter Ant Program

German Cockroach Program

Flea Control Program

Carpenter Bee Program

Mosquito and Tick Control Program

Bed Bug Control Program (Contract Required. Hygeinic Matress Covers available after treatment)

Brown Recluse Control Program (Animals must be removed from treatment areas)

Pantry/Closet Pest/Carpet Beetle Program

Fly Control Program

Powder Post Beetle/Wood Borer Beetle Program

Mole Control Program

Wasp/Hornet/Bee Control Program

External Powerspray Program (Excellent control for Asian beetles, Roaches, Paper Wasps, Box Elder Bugs, Clovermites)