At SEMO, We Know Termites!

Our termite inspectors are state-certified and professionally trained.

Our process involves visual inspection for termites and other wood-destroying insects of the interior and exterior of your structure.

Our findings are documented and presented to our customers.

And, our Ten Year Termite Warranty is unsurpassed! See details below.

Termite Pre-Construction Treatment
We follow the requirements of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Termidor termiticide is placed under all slabs—including basement slabs—prior to concrete being poured.

Treatment is applied to exterior soil after final grading and prior to paving.

Treatments are guaranteed for one year.

Termite Post-Construction Treatment
We follow strict established procedures, using the proper solution of Termidor termiticide.

Solution is applied all around the footings of your structure.

For slabs on the ground, such as patios, poured steps and garage floors, we drill holes through the slab at appropriate intervals and inject pressurized solution. Holes are then filled with concrete.

For basements or interior slabs, with active termite colonies, we drill at prescribed intervals for each active colony, then inject pressurized solution. Holes are then filled with concrete.

For exterior soil, we apply the solution next to the foundation at a depth of 1 to 2 feet. If cracks or faults in the foundation are apparent, additional depth may be needed.

For crawl spaces, application of the solution is made next to support piers, plumbing pipes and the foundation.

These treatments are guaranteed for one year.

A 10-year Termite Certificate will we issued upon completion of our pre-construction of post-construction treatment. Complete details are available upon request.

Ten Year Termite Warranty. Offered for both Pre and Post Construction treatments, our warranty provides for annual inspections, treatment of any occurances of subseqent infestation, repair and replacement of structural damage that might occur after treatment of up to $250,000 with no deductible.

Termite Baiting System
We place termite bait stations around the structure, normally in the ground. These stations contain termite interceptors.

Stations are checked one month after placement, and then every three months for the term of the contract.

If termite activity is found, termite bait is placed in the station and is replenished until activity has stopped.