Bed bugs infestations are on the rise!  These parasitic insects will hide in purses, shoes, or any small cracks & crevices near humans and will easily hitch a ride home with you.  They can be found in residential homes, businesses, health care facilities, retail stores, movie theaters, public transportation, or anywhere people socialize and congregate.

Signs of Bed Bugs

  • Waking up with unidentified bites
  • Fecal stains, which look like small ink dots or mold
  • Molted bed bug skins
  • Blood spots on pajamas, sheets and furniture from rolling over and squishing a bed bug after they have had a blood meal

Hiding Habits

Bed bugs are commonly found in the seams of mattresses, bed frames, headboards, and box springs.  They love rough materials, unfinished wood, paper, cloth and dark areas hidden away in cracks & crevices, and in plastic or metal.  So, they can also be found behind electrical outlets, on lamps, behind picture frames, in night stands, and under clutter.  In this picture, we handled an infestation where they were found on concrete walls!  

What to do if you see signs of bed bugs?

Call us if you see any signs of bed bugs!  We are a qualified pest control company specializing in the elimination of bed bugs.  We use thermal heat treatments, which are the most effective and environmentally safe methods.  Thermal heat eliminates all stages of bed bugs, it provides a quick and efficient turn around time, and provides a sanitizing effect on environments.  

And remember...the earlier you call, the easier it is to eliminate them!